Book Trotters Club is an Ebiztorz initiative.

Founded by husband-wife duo Jagdish and Harshikaa Udasi, Book Trotters Club is a place where the magical world of books, with its infinite learning possibilities, opens up to children. It was Harshikaa's dream for the last decade and would've remained just that but for a spontaneous decision over a morning cuppa in March 2014.  BTC was kicked off with a summer workshop and there has been no looking back.

Harshikaa is a senior film journalist who is a voice artist and story teller by passion. "I have always been interested in interacting with children and in working with them creatively. Thankfully, neither Jagdish nor I believe in copybook learning so we have raised our son by travelling with him, reading to him, explaining to him things he is curious about and hearing him out. We have seen the positive effects of an open learning system on him," says Harshikaa. The idea behind BTC is to encourage children to think creatively and independently, not run-of-the-mill.

How do we do that? We encourage reading - reading everything under the Sun! From Indian to international authors, English and bilingual books, fantasy and fiction to autobiographies and research books. Reading is fun. Reading is enriching. Reading is for life.

BTC holds storytelling and activity sessions for children above 3 years of age. Besides narrative sessions, we hold read aloud, speech and drama, film appreciation and creative writing sessions as well. We are forever buzzing with ideas and concepts and look forward to doing more in the future!

Come and join us to empower your child with a diverse vocabulary, creative thinking, clarity in speech and confidence to match.

Connect With Us

  • Address:  Krishna Row House No 13,  Vimalnath C H S, Lam Road, Opp Nikki Sagar, Deolali, Nashik - 422401 

  • Address: 702, Dwarka Palace, IC Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai 400103

  • Phone: 7977275985

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