‘Just give us 2 days with your child and she will read like a pro.’

‘Within a week, your child will reveal his dynamic personality.’ If you think here is where we talk about such things – nope. Book Trotters Club is not a magician’s den. No quick-fix miracles here.

Here is where you can watch your child pick up books from all over the world and read them. We take baby steps. Our basic Storytelling session is where we introduce the tiny ones to the mystical world of books, which, once they enter, they refuse to leave. We gradually move to Read Aloud sessions and thereafter branch into Speech, Drama and Creative Writing for older children.

So if your question is: Will being part of Book Trotters Club make a difference to my child, the answer is most definitely yes!

We follow a simple chain. Raise readers who, in turn, become aware of their surroundings and apply loads of magic and logic to their observations. The result? Creative and unique individuals, just as all of us were meant to be.

Connect With Us

  • Address:  Krishna Row House No 13,  Vimalnath C H S, Lam Road, Opp Nikki Sagar, Deolali, Nashik - 422401 

  • Address: 702, Dwarka Palace, IC Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai 400103

  • Phone: 7977275985

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